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Local & State Support Groups
Alternative Instruction Association (AIA)
The Alternative Instruction Association was founded in 1994. It is a coalition of parents, grandparents, teachers, and administrators whose children are involved in home education or non-State accredited Christian day and church schools. They have lobbyists and members who regularly influence and testify for alternative instruction during the legislative session. They also conduct research into legislation and other programs involving education on the federal level, keeping abreast of federal policy changes that other states’ are implementing, which could eventually have an effect on alternative instruction in South Dakota.
South Dakota Christian Home Educators (SDCHE)
South Dakota Christian Home Educators (SDCHE) is a nonprofit volunteer organization that is dedicated to serving home educators across South Dakota and in neighboring states. They serve to encourage and serve families interested or involved in home education by assisting them in finding the information and resources necessary to teach their children at home, and furthermore, to work on behalf of such home-teaching families for the continued liberty to do so.

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